2nd Week of Research Fellow

I am now in my second week at the OlNet Research Network at the Open University in Milton Keynes. Keeping myself busy with drafting a paper and compiling empirical data. Trying to utilize as much resources as possible; and there is a lot of it, such as Evidence Hub orCloudwork.

Unfortunately I have not yet access to the library to borrow conventional books (yes, I know this might seem outdated nowadays.-))

Another part of this research is following the activites of the just started MOOC: Massive Open Online Course which is to blog about it. In Germany, we just had a similar OpenCourse which is did not follow so closely as I intended to. Thus, I hope to be in closer touch with the MOOC. From a research perspective it is really amazing to witness the different activities people are doing to be a part of the course. Would be worthwhile to investigate their motivation in more detail.

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